in early February

바람이 불면
여리게 흔들리는 야자 잎.

가는 잎들이 부딪히며
편안한 소리를 낸다.


플로리다로 이사온지 1년
이제서야 그 아름다움을 느낀다.

a soft breeze and gentle moves.
the little sounds that palm leaves make
ease my mind.

one year.
it has been a year,
since I moved to Florida.

I see the beauty in a palm tree.


  1. so calming, isn't it?
    here in india, the gentle swaying of the coconut leaves makes me feel the same.
    congratulations on completing one year, creating home and finding beauty :)

    1. Dear Niru,

      It has been so dreamy for a year. Honestly... I feel like I am still dreaming.
      Living in Florida, bearing unbearable long summer,
      and having this beautiful winter with soft breeze.
      Even though, there are not many things that I can predict in my future,
      I am so grateful to be here and see the beauty of palm tree.

      Niru, I wish you, your baby, and your loving hubby a happy weekend.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. congratulations Hwasoon, wish you more happy years there in that paradise!

  3. Dreamy!

    I got my beautiful package the other day and I'm in love with it all. Thank you so much for the lovely extras, the rose-scented cleansing oil is particularly decadent!!

  4. i can feel the calm from your fotos :)
    and the soft breeze.
    enjoy every day!

  5. I hope you're having a wonderful year Hwasoon. <3


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