a few words

even in my mother tongue,
i don't talk that much,
and i don't write that much.

after i left my homeland,
i started to read more poems and novels in Korean.
maybe i feel fear unconsciously to lose my language.

now for me,
some used Korean books and poems
old cameras and music
are the friends which i can touch and be around.

these photos below,
were developed with a professional's mistake.
quite interesting. 


Spring in Florida

자주 하늘을 올려다 보았다.
구름 하나, 바람 한 점 없던 플로리다의 봄.
지금은 어느새 여름의 열기가 느껴지지만
6개월 동안의 긴 봄을 보낼 수 있어 감사했다.

often i looked up to the sky.
no single cloud nor wind.
many days, i felt like
i was in someone's painting
where only colors were.

i feel light summer heat.
but i was thankful for being
in a long spring.


루시드 폴 - 강

Lucid Fall - River
I wish I can translate this song to you.
Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.