Rainbow Sunday

I want to remember today, rainbow Sunday 
with my yoga teachers and classmates.
I thank the universe for letting me be with them. 

before the big event(!) started,
the bright Sun rose.
Centennial Park in Fort Myers, Florida

loving people who opened my heart. 
so grateful.
I will always remember you.

Yes, it was this big. 
Something unusual for me to join.
But well, it was all magical. 

I was just taking photos, not saying much,
smiling, and helping with what I could do. 


I don't know why, but I have a feeling that
my first yoga class will start soon.

Oct. 4th 2015


안녕 (annyeong ; Hello & Bye) 安寧


Simply want to say hello to you.
안녕 in Korean, it means I wish you peace and wellness. 

A photo above
took it last year,
a part of my favorite pine tree around the neighborhood.

It has been raining everyday lately,
short but intense shower like rain.

didn't think it would be possible before,
but now I kind of like this place even in Summer - steamy, hot sauna season.


안녕.  (Koreans use the same expression for hello and bye.)
I wish you are well and happy.
Have a beautiful Summer.


smaller, slower in 2015

3집 조동진 - 제비꽃 (1985)                                     Dong-Jin  Jo,  Violet (1985)

내가 처음 너를 만났을 때                                       When I first saw you  
너는 작은 소녀였고 머리엔 제비꽃                          You were just a little girl
너는 웃으며 내게 말했지                                        with a violet in your hair
아주 멀리 새처럼 날으고 싶어                                 you said to me with a smile
                                                                             I want to fly far away like a bird 
내가 다시 너를 만났을 때
너는 많이 야위었고 이마엔 땀방울                          When I saw you again
너는 웃으며 내게 말했지                                        you looked much weaker
아주 작은 일에도 눈물이 나와                                 with light sweat on your forehead
                                                                            you said to me with a smile
내가 마지막 너를 보았을 때                                     I shed tears for little things
너는 아주 평화롭고 창 너머 먼 눈길
너는 웃으며 내게 말했지                                        When I saw you last time
아주 한밤 중에도 깨어있고 싶어                              you were peaceful 
                                                                            gazing far out the window
                                                                            you said to me with a smile
                                                                            I want to be awake even in the deep of night 

a photo above from here

Although I don't talk that much,
I hope you to know 
that I always miss you. 

love you, all.